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Q. What supplies does SoffSeal recommend for my weatherstrip application?
A. Use the checklist below for tools and supplies that may be used for your SoffSeal™ brand weatherstrip installation. Most of these items can be found in your garage or workshop.

Q. I recently purchased another brand of weatherstripping. When the package came, there were no instructions and I wound up installing it backwards, ruining the part. What do I do if I need help with my SoffSeal application?
A. SoffSeal’s products come complete with instructions, plus we have a toll-free tech support line—just in case you still have questions! 1-800-426-0902. Or for those of you who are internet savvy, check us out online at


Q. Why do I need weatherstripping?
A. Weatherstripping is specifically designed to fill factory gaps and seams, separate parts, and eliminate air noise and water leaks.

Q. Why are factory gaps important and how do I know what my car’s gaps should be?
A. When reassembling your car, care must be taken not to eliminate these gaps. An assembly and shop manual will be very valuable explaining how to adjust your doors, glass and fenders to the proper specifications.

Q. When I open my door, it drops. What causes this?
A. When you replace your old rubber with new SoffSeal weatherstripping be sure to check the door’s hinge pins. This is critical in aligning your doors. If you open your door and it drops, the hinge pins are worn and should be replaced to align the door properly.

Q. Are there any other adjustments that I should check?
A. If you didn’t buy your car new, several adjustments may have already been made. You may also need to make adjustments to your windows. Check your assembly manual, call your local dealer or call SoffSeal direct for technical assistance.

Q. How do I know I am getting quality weatherstripping that wont have to be replaced in another year?
A. To be sure you’re getting the highest quality weatherstripping ask for SoffSeal by name, and look for the genuine SoffSeal packaging. SoffSeal offers a lifetime satisfaction guarantee on all SoffSeal manufactured parts.

Q. How can SoffSeal make such a promise of quality?
A. SoffSeal’s weatherstripping has correct, machine installed, white clips that will line up properly with the factory holes. The ends are molded to the extrusion, not glued or bonded. Glued or bonded ends pull apart. SoffSeal’s lifetime guarantee is your assurance of quality, fit, and looks. SoffSeal weatherstripping has the correct amount of mounting pins to attach your new weatherstripping. Another sign of SoffSeal’s Attention to Detail™. SoffSeal’s fit and look are the absolute best. When you install SoffSeal weatherstripping, you are installing quality.


Q. When riding in my car, it sounds as if my doors aren’t completely shut. What causes this?
A. This “wind noise” is often caused by worn-out door weatherstripping. New weatherstripping is easy to install. It solves the “wind noise” problem and looks great. The installation process is outlined below.


Q. Every time it rains, I get water in my trunk, causing mildew and damage. What can I do to prevent rust and further damage?
A. Old, cracked and flattened trunk weatherstrip can be a real eyesore as well as a source of leaks. Also, old rotting rubber can become porous, holding rust-causing moisture in the groove around your trunk. New trunk weatherstrip will protect your trunk from water damage and rust, as well make the appearance more appealing. Follow the steps below for a quick, easy installation.


Q. What are “roofrail weatherstrips” and why do I need them?
A. Roofrail weatherstrips seal the area along the roofline and down the side windows on hardtops. Since roofrail weatherstrips are always exposed to the elements, they are often badly decayed and cracked. These rubber seals are important, as they support the side windows, keep out rain and wind and add a detailed appearance to your car.


Q. What are “pillar post weatherstrips” and why do I need them?
A. The pillar post weatherstrip performs several important functions on your convertible. It prevents water leaks, seals out noise and supports the side windows.


Q. I recently installed another brand of weatherstrips on my convertible. The fit was poor and there were no instructions. After the difficult installation, the convertible top leaked, and the wind noise was worse than when the worn-out original seals were installed. What should I do?
A. Good quality weatherstripping is very important for any car, but with convertibles, soft pliable rubber top seals in excellent condition, are absolutely essential to prevent water and wind leaks. Install SoffSeal brand weatherstripping. Installation instructions are supplied with every order. Plus you get our lifetime guarantee and our toll free tech support line!


Q. Does SoffSeal make a seal that will protect my engine compartment?
A. To keep dirt, gravel, water and wind turbulence out of your engine compartment, A-Arm seals are extremely important. New seals also add a detailed look to the under hood area of your car. This is a two-person installation, as outlined below.


Q. What can I do to cut down on engine noise?
A. Hood insulation has two very important jobs to fulfill on your car. It muffles harsh engine noises and enhances the new car look of your engine compartment when the hood is raised.


Q. I’ve replaced the door weatherstrips on my car, but I am continuing to get wind noise from the small quarter window. What can I do?
A. Old quarter window seals tend to shrink, crack and harden; spoiling the appearance of your car, and causing wind and water leaks. New seals are simple to install; you can do it yourself in just a few minutes.


Q. I have several annoying “rattles” in my car. How can I fix this problem?
A. SoffSeal’s rubber bumpers are a perfect solution! They are designed to properly align components, eliminating those annoying rattles.

Q. The hood of my car doesn’t align properly with the body. Is this a serious problem and can it be corrected without investing a fortune?
A. Few items are as easy to install and as affordable as rubber bumpers. But don’t let that fool you! These small parts perform a critical function by assuring proper fit and alignment of major components, prevent impact damage and add to the appearance of a detailed car.


Getting Started

Q. I am working on a street rod. With all the body modifications, how can I get a good quality seal to protect my investment?
A. SoffSeal has developed weatherstripping and rubber bumpers for your steel and fiberglass bodied street rods and customs. They’re easy to install; many extrusions come with self adhesive backing. The helpful hints on the following pages should make your Street Rod weatherstrip application a quick and simple process.

Q. How do I select the appropriate weatherstrip for my application?
A. To help determine the size of gap you may need to fill, use a piece of modeling clay to fill a section of your gap. Shut then open your compartment. Remove the clay and view the side profile. Call and ask for a sample pack, filled with all our most popular extrusion profiles. Then just match your clay piece up with one of many SoffSeal profiles for the one closest to your needs. SoffSeal now offers many custom kits for glass bodies. Call for availability.

Q. What is the proper way to clean and prepare the area I wish to seal?
A. Use a clean soft cloth for your application. Always use premium brand label remover or degreaser to prep work area. Remember to always pre-test any chemical in an inconspicuous area for possible paint reaction. Before beginning the application, make sure area is thoroughly clean and dry before applying glue or self-adhesive weatherstrips.

Q. I just painted my rod. How long should I wait before applying the adhesives that are required for installing weatherstripping?
A. Paint should cure for a minimum of 30 days before applying any type of glue or adhesive.


Q. Will weatherstripping make the gaps consistent in my glass body?
A. Every fiberglass body manufacturer supplies their reproduction body in a different state of preparation. You or your builder will be responsible for a consistent gap that you wish to seal. Please note that weatherstripping without proper gaps will not solve your problems of wind noise and leaks.


Q. How do I protect my street rod’s engine and under hood compartment from the elements and that ever annoying road friction?
A. Every Street Rod needs protection in the engine compartment from water leaks. Installing SoffSeal’s hood-to-cowl and hood-to-shell weatherstripping also protects your rod from paint damage caused by the friction of the panels.


Q. I want to install weatherstripping on my Street Rod, but I have no experience with weatherstripping installation. Where do I begin?
A. One of the most obvious locations for seal replacement on a Street Rod, on both fiberglass and steel bodies, is the door. The wind noise and water leaks, not to mention the escaping air-conditioning... can all be prevented with a proper SoffSeal door weatherstrip installation. Most of SoffSeal’s door weatherstrips for Street Rods have our simple to use self-adhesive backing, making the installation a breeze!


Q. Installing weatherstripping sounds complicated and I need to seal the trunk deck on my street rod. What should I do?
A. Installing SoffSeal’s trunk weatherstripping for Street Rods is a simple process! Most SoffSeal kits include door, hood to cowl and trunk (or rumble) weatherstrips.

Q. I recently took my rod to a local show, and when I removed the bug guard the metal clips scratched my beautiful grill! How can I prevent this from happening again?
A. SoffSeal also manufactures molded replacement bug screen clips. These soft-molded clips won’t scratch your grill like the original metal clips do—and they are a “snap” to install and remove!